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Study on Investment in Art – Analysis of Saatchi Art’s “Invest in Art – Emerging Artists to Buy Now” 2013 to 2018 reports.

World Institute was interested in analyzing the 6 reports (from 2013 to 2018) of a major institution like Saatchi Art concerning emerging artists for which it recommends investing. What a surprise about the reality!

From 2013 to 2018, the various reports recommended 139 emerging artists (detailed list below).

The study consisted in analyzing for each year each of the artists recommended in the following report different criteria: the notoriety of the artist (ranking based on his participation in exhibitions (in group, solo), gallery and / or museum , if he exhibited abroad and the notoriety of other artists with whom he would have exhibited) and the presence of his works at auctions (knowing however that an artist said “emerging” is positioned mainly on the first market, and very little on the second market).

The quality of data collection found on the web is essential for this study. 3 levels of qualitie were defined: rich data (data found on both the reputation of the artist and on auctions), poor data (data found either on its reputation or on its auctions), no data (no data found either on its notoriety or on its auctions).

Knowing that 38% of artists’ names do not refer to any data, an investment with them may seem compromised, especially for artists detected between 2013 and 2016, leaving a period between 2-5 years of decline by compared to the initial recommendation.

Working solely on the basis of the remaining 62% of data, the study has analyzed the evolution of these artists over the period from 2013 to 2018. The conclusion is severe: 95% of them experienced either a sharp decline, a drop or stagnation of their notoriety! The remaining 5% is up 4%, although knowing that a third has seen a drop or a sharp decline before. In the end, 3 artists stand out, out of a total of 139, or 2.15% of artists on the selection. The average ranking value of these artists is around 120,000 in the world ranking, which remains quite low in terms of notoriety.

The study then focused on the auction part of the works of these artists, even if it is less important, as emerging artists in the second market. This translates in fact by 89% of any sale of the works of these artists until October 2018. It is noted, however, that of the remaining 11%, only one artist has seen 23 of these works for sale, the others below 5. The average of sales is € 2,600, which represents 70% of lots awarded for an amount of less than € 3,400 according to the structure of the Contemporary Art Market – 2017/2018 according to Artprice. The average unsold rate is 32%, with peaks at 75% or even 100% for two artists.

In conclusion, the study shows that a retrospective look is always rich in lessons and that it is always timely and topical to surround yourself to make wise choices when it comes to investing in art. contemporary … The World Institute’s Consulting Department works in particular on this part…

List of emerging artists advocated by Saatchi Art to invest:

2013 (18 artists) : KwangHo Shin (Yeongdeok, South Korea);  Jung S Kim (United States); Jiyen Lee (Seoul, South Korea); Hossam Dirar (Cairo, Egypt); Super Future Kid (London, United Kingdom); John Franzen (Maastricht, Netherlands); Paula Baader (London, United Kingdom); Andrew Salgado (London, United Kingdom); Stephen Thorpe (London, United Kingdom); Nina Mae Fowler (United Kingdom); Geoff Diego Litherland (Nottingham, United Kingdom); Lou Ros (Paris, France); Fanny Nushka (Marseille, France); Grażyna Smalej (Krakow, Poland); James Himber (New York, United States); Jesùs Leguizamo (Bogotà, Colombia); Marta Zamarska (Bielsko – Biała, Poland); Zena Holloway (London, United Kingdom)

2014 (32 artists) : Joseba Eskubi (Bilbao, Spain); Michal Mráz (Bratislava, Slovakia); Julien Spianti (Paris, France); Ben Gooding (London, United Kingdom); Blake Daniels (Johannesburg, South Africa); Katarina Janeckova (Bratislava, Slovakia); Calum McClure (Glasgow, United Kingdom); Romina Meric (Istanbul, Turkey); Christian Hetzel (Oberboihingen, Germany); Pippa Young (Penzance, United Kingdom); Daniel Mullen (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Devan Shimoyama (Pittsburgh, United States); Rossina Bossio (Bogotá D.C., Colombia); Thomas Lamb (Chesterfield, United Kingdom); Heidi Howard (Sunnsyide, United States); Maarten van den Bos (London, United Kingdom); Tahnee Lonsdale (Los Angeles, United States); George Sampsonidis (Athens, Greece); Mollie Douthit (Ballyvaughan, Ireland); Laura Smith (London, United Kingdom); Ilona Szalay (London, United Kingdom); Zaria Forman (Brooklyn, United States); Benjamin Björklund (trollhättan, Sweden); Elysia Byrd (London, United Kingdom); Daniel Maczynski (Smardzewice, Poland); Hannah Dean (Lubbock, United States); Karolina Zglobicka (Manchester, United Kingdom); Liam Marc O’Connor (Cardiff, United Kingdom); Melissa Loop (Minneapolis, United States); Owen Normand (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Sunyoung Hwang (London, United Kingdom); David Fredrik Moussallem (Toronto, Canada)

2015 (21 artists) : Kim Byungkwan (Seoul, South Korea); Sam Shendi (Yorkshire, United Kingdom); Steffen Vogelezang (Nederhorst den Berg, Netherlands); Mairi Timoney (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Kevin Stuart (Chicago, United States); Andrew McNay (Brooklyn, United States); Katie Darby Slater (Cape Canaveral, United States); Robert von Bangert (Athens, United States); Suzy Babington (Leeds, United Kingdom); Ioana Manolache (Brooklyn , United States); Tomas Nemec (Prague, Czech Republic); Alex Jackson (New Haven, United States); Sarah Faux (Brooklyn, United States); Jenny Kemp (Troy, United States); Ira Svobodova (Prague, Czech Republic); Magdalena Lamri (Montreuil, France); Conor Flynn O’Donnell (Zurich, Switzerland); Dariusz Labuzek (Hayward, United States); Juan Luis Fernández (Oviedo, Spain); Tom Pazderka (Santa Barbara, United States); Ann Marie Webb (Wicklow, Ireland)

2016 (23 artists) : Mike Carney (Minneapolis, United States); Ben Dunn (Atlanta, United States); Jack Killick (London, United Kingdom); Ben Edmunds (London, United Kingdom); Paula Baader (London, United Kingdom); Alon Kedem (Jerusalem, Israel); Liviu Mihai (Bucharest, Romania); Jenny Lundgren (Örnsköldsvik, Sweden); Natalia Trivino (Rome, Italy); Aschely Cone (Baltimore, United States); Cody Bayne (Los Angeles, United States); Morgan Wills (Tring, United Kingdom); Kate Hunt (London, United Kingdom); Igor Bleischwitz (Berlin, Germany); Laurie Smith (London, United Kingdom); Ed Burkes (Worcester, United Kingdom); Taylor White (Stafford, United States); Xiaoxuan Liu (Beijing, China); Aliza Sternstein (New York , United States); Georgia Noble (Manchester, United Kingdom); Lyndsey Gilmour (Aberdeen, United Kingdom); Nicholas Griffin (Lichfield, United Kingdom); Sunyoung Hwang (London, United Kingdom)

2017 (11 artists) : Sam Drake (Glasgow, United Kingdom); Felix Carr (Oakham, United Kingdom); Tobias Lengkeek (The Hague, Netherlands); Alfie Kungu (Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom); Georg Óskar (Akureyri, Iceland); Mitsuko Brooks (Los Angeles, United States); Hiejin Yoo (Los Angeles, United States); Romee van Oers (Breda, Netherlands); Michael Nauert (Chicago, United States); Nasbami (Rotterdam, Netherlands); Simon Ko (New Haven, United States)

2018 (34 artists) : Sedrick Chisom (New York, United States); Carey Coleman (Los Angeles, United States); Alvin Ong (London, United Kingdom); Caitlin Albritton (Tampa, United States); Rebecca Levitan (Brooklyn, United States); Sooyoung Chung (London, United Kingdom); Katie Watson (Washington, United Kingdom); Alex Pearce (London, United Kingdom); Alexi Marshall (London , United Kingdom); Ashleigh Trim (Cardiff, United Kingdom); Beth Cowey (Glasgow, United Kingdom); Cameron Spratley (Richmond, United States); Dan Hollings (Falmouth , United Kingdom); Elizabeth Moylan (Chicago, United States); Ellen Paige Leach (Bridlington, United Kingdom); Emma Fineman (London, United Kingdom); Gabby Rosenberg (Los Angeles, United States); Gabrielle-Aimée Séguin (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Greg Piwonka (Austin, United States); Harry Clitheroe (Glasgow, United Kingdom); Isaac Moss (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Isabelle Carr (Brighton, United Kingdom); Jacob Littlejohn (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Juliet E P Gibbs (Chorleywood, United Kingdom); Juna Lee (Seoul, South Korea); Kelly Neibert (Chicago , United States); Lewis Brander (Farnham, United Kingdom); Liqing Tan (Shenzhen, China); Lucy Nordlinger (Baltimore, United States); Minami Kobayashi (Chicago, United States); Ohad Sarfaty (Los Angeles, United States); Sofia Mitsola (London, United Kingdom); Sophia Pauley (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Ziyun Zhang (London, United Kingdom)

ART & DATA - Galleries & Museums

After a collection of big-data and treatment with business intelligence tools, World Institute presents its first results: the global distribution of art galleries / museums by country in 2018.

Season 1 – Episode 1

First lessons:

  • Strong European artistic culture compared to the rest of the world.
  • Coverage rate of 79%: 53 countries out of 250 (21%) do not have museums or art galleries (or at least information filled on the Internet for some, notably “NORTH KOREA” … )). Less surprising for “WESTERN SAHARA” and “WALLIS AND FUTUNA”!
  • TOP 5 art galleries / museums by country: UNITED STATES with 40% representation compared to the global data collected, FRANCE 10%, UNITED KINGDOM 7%, GERMANY 6% and ITALY 4%.

Season 1 – Episode 2

Continuing lessons:

  • Coverage rate of museums worldwide: 77.2% (193 countries out of 250) and art galleries in the world: 45.2% (113 countries out of 250).
  • TOP 5 of the number of museums by country: USA (6203), FRANCE (1984), ITALY (863), UNITED KINGDOM (529), GERMANY (492).
  • TOP 5 of the number of art galleries by country: USA (7925), UNITED KINGDOM (2086), GERMANY (1573), FRANCE (1401), ITALY (640).
  • On these TOP 5, only FRANCE has more museums (1984) than galleries (1401) (58,61% versus 41,39%).
  • Presence of art galleries without any museum in only 5 countries: BAHAMAS, BAHRAIN, KOSOVO, SAINT BARTHÉLEMY, SAN MARINO.

WI - Galleries&Museums - World 2018WI - Museums - World 2018WI - Galleries - World 2018


Season 1 – Episode 3

Additional lessons:

  • Museums coverage rate in Europe: 100% (out of 41 countries) and art galleries in Europe: 90,24% (37 out of 41 countries).
  • TOP 5 of the number of museums per country in Europe: FRANCE (1984 ie 13.41%), ITALY (863, 5.83%), UNITED KINGDOM (529, 3.58%), GERMANY (492; 33%), SPAIN (384, 2.60%).
  • TOP 5 of the number of art galleries by country in Europe: UNITED KINGDOM (2086 or 14.10%), GERMANY (1573, 10.63%), FRANCE (1401, 9.47%), SWITZERLAND (645 4.36%), ITALY (640, 4.33%).
  • No art gallery presence in 4 countries in Europe: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MACEDONIA, MALTA and MONTENEGRO.

WI - Galleries&Museums - Europe 2018WI - Museums - Europe 2018WI - Galleries - Europe 2018


Season 1 – Episode 4

Main lessons:

  • Percentage of museums by department in France: 97.03% (98 out of 101) and art galleries in France: 68.32% (69 out of 101).
  • High concentration of museums and art galleries in Paris: 39.42% representation (1334 museums + art galleries on 3384 (France)).
  • TOP 5 in the number of museums per department in France: Paris (264 out of 1983 (France), or 13.31%), Bouche-du-Rhône (87, 4.39%), Alpes-Maritimes (72; , 63%), North (66, 3.33%) and Seine-Maritime (56, 2.82%).
  • TOP 5 in the number of art galleries by department in France: Paris (1070 out of 1401 (France), ie 76.37%), Rhône (38, 2.71%), Bouche-du-Rhône (31; 2.21%), Alpes-Maritimes (28, 2.00%) and Gironde (15, 1.07%).
  • No museum presence in 3 departments in France: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Guyana and Mayotte.

WI - Galleries&Museums - France 2018WI - Museums - France 2018WI - Galleries - France 2018


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