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ART & DATA : Investment in art

World Institute was interested in analyzing the 6 reports (from 2013 to 2018) of a major institution like Saatchi Art concerning emerging artists for which it recommends investing. What a surprise about the reality!

The study consisted in analyzing for each year each of the artists recommended in the following report different criteria: the notoriety of the artist and the presence of his works at auctions.

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Art & Data: Season 1 – Episode 4 “The last one…”

After a global and then European approach, finalization of big-data (Internet) and BI work, World Institute presents its results on the French distribution (by department) of art galleries and museums in 2018. Main lessons:

  • Percentage of museums by department in France: 97.03% (98 out of 101) and art galleries in France: 68.32% (69 out of 101).
  • High concentration of museums and art galleries in Paris: 39.42% representation (1334 museums + art galleries on 3384 (France)).
  • TOP 5 in the number of museums per department in France: Paris (264 out of 1983 (France), or 13.31%), Bouche-du-Rhône (87, 4.39%), Alpes-Maritimes (72; , 63%), North (66, 3.33%) and Seine-Maritime (56, 2.82%).
  • TOP 5 in the number of art galleries by department in France: Paris (1070 out of 1401 (France), ie 76.37%), Rhône (38, 2.71%), Bouche-du-Rhône (31; 2.21%), Alpes-Maritimes (28, 2.00%) and Gironde (15, 1.07%).
  • No museum presence in 3 departments in France: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Guyana and Mayotte.
  • New editorial orientation for World Institute, always in the environment of contemporary art but more specifically associated with the use of artificial intelligence, new technologies and innovation, through the news around the artistic creation, associated exhibitions and the art market.
  • Implementation of a pilot on the new management of articles (“LATEST NEWS ART”) produced from an artificial brain composed of algorithms of automatic learning on networks of neurons …. Artificial intelligence, World Institute talks about it but uses it too! (in the course of training, be in advance indulgent as for its relevance, the first results are however already satisfactory)… following the next issues…

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